We are a collaborative of passionate people who want to put some good in this world. We look forward to meeting you in person, connecting with you online, and collaborating to bring sustainability and resiliency into all of our communities.


DARIA DRAKE, founder + art director

Durhamite, outdoor enthusiast, yogi, climber, design and sustainability thinker. She believes in using her skills for positive change. Her dog, Boogie, is her sidekick and she wishes she could free all animals from suffering. Check out more of Daria's design work at Drak Haus.



As a recent graduate of N.C. State's environmental science program, Rebecca serves as the administrative assistant for startup non-profit, Don't Waste Durham, volunteers with NCDENR, and works as a compliance assistant for an organic egg company. She can often be found in local coffee shops learning about climate change science and relevant sustainability practices. Her goal is to inspire others to pursue sustainable solutions to all the world's problems.



Durham native, Stephanie Leathers, is an artist, educator, dance-maker, and freelance photographer. Her passion is composing ways to bring communities together through art. Learn more about Stephanie and her current community project and site-specific series, SundaySITES, on her website:


KATE VAN DIS, content + social media strategy

Before becoming a full-time writer, Kate Van Dis taught 10 years of high school English and Creative Writing, an experience that taught her all of the grammar she thought she learned in college. She is also an award-winning fiction writer, a mother of two boys, a creative user of tiny spaces, and a boxer-in-training. Check out her copywriting portfolio at and her fiction at Palmetto Blog