If any of this has resonated and you think our values align, why not write a piece for The Durham Originals?  Submit using our online form or pitch an idea outside of this list by emailing info@thedurhamoriginals.com. But before doing either of those, please read about what we're currently looking for:

  • Coverage of local events that focus on social justice issues or environmental sustainability
  • Coverage of local policies that are changing, need changing, and have recently changed for the better
  • Non-partisan examinations of the environmental aspects and equality issues addressed by candidates' political platforms
  • Projects you're working on and want to promote in order to network, make connections, share about an initiative
  • Information about local businesses who are really trying to do things the right way
  • Book reviews on related subjects

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Please note:

Every piece and pitch goes through an editing process to ensure the content is in line with The Durham Originals mission. If a piece isn't right for us, right now, we can suggest other, more suitable platforms and periodicals to help you get your work out there, or work together to create something new. All decisions are based on the list (see above) of 'What we're currently looking for', so please refer to that list before submitting.