Do you love Durham? Do you care about sustainability and social justice? Do you know how to look things up? Do you know how to use a computer? Perfect! You’re qualified! 

But real talk: here’s what we’re looking for…

We’re seeking a computer savvy sustainability superstar who’s old enough to remember calendars, and hip enough to know how to use (or eager to learn) a basic website management platform. If you’re the perfect person, organization makes your heart sing and research keeps you in on Friday nights. 

Just kidding —  we’re not looking for the moon here — we’re really just looking for somebody who’s eager to research related community events and post them in our online Community Calendar following a simple format. 

As a collaborator, you'll...

  • Get trained to operate and navigate and Squarespace, a website building platform.
  • Get great practice proofreading and posting information consistently (great if you’re interested in a career in project management, OR social media, which we can also talk about *wink, wink*).
  • Be able to own this project and call yourself Project Manager. You can make this as big or small as you want, keeping it simple, or growing it into a super collaborative project. 
  • Get to be a part of something meaningful.

The best part? The more of this kind of thing that we can get off our plates, the more networking and development we’ll be able to do in order to make this thing financially sustainable, which could mean…paying you! 

We promise nothing but we hope for everything. Please fill out this form to tell us why you’re in, what you care about, and how you see this work-study positively impacting your career goals!


Name *
(Seriously, don't take it TOO seriously) Please include the following: 1. Why sustainability and social justice are important to you 2. What you hope to learn 3. What you hope to contribute 4. How an project like this would bolster your resume 5. Your deepest, darkest secret (optional)