The Durham Originals was created as a mark of unity for the vitality of the Earth and all her beings. By moving forward together towards the Eco-Life we have the opportunity to co-create a thriving future for generations already here and still to come.

Born to Inspire The Eco-Lifestyle

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Daria Drake, Founder

Daria realized her passion and curiosity for the Earth at a young age, and has continuously come back to this inquiry from childhood —

why do we do things we know are harmful to the planet?”

And so, in striving to undo this narrative in her own life, she created The Durham Originals. To hold herself accountable for her actions, and to connect with people on how to do & live better for the planet and themselves.

Daria is a MBCY RYT 200 yoga teacher, graphic artist and eco-conscious visionary who will be voicing for the voiceless all of her days.

Practice yoga with Daria


Pablo Robles

Pablo’s mission is to promote and support a healthier earth by nourishing hearts, minds, and bodies around the world.

In his journey as a Durham Original he is taking the opportunity to experience new spaces, actively find stillness, discover harmony through others’ compassion, and fulfill a collective dream of a more eco-conscious planet.

He believes that the solution to overcome our challenges is by practicing loving kindness everyday. He hopes to integrate TDO message of an Eco-Life by living a life aligned with his heart and holding the understanding that we are all connected, we are all one.

Practice yoga with Pablo, in Spanish.




Since diving into this way of practicing life, it has led me to see so vividly clear — that I, you, we are all here for a purpose. Each one of us was created to be right here, right now. To be students, teachers and keepers of this Earth and to help make the world complete with our presence and attention.

And my reason for being is to help people see their great capacity for making lasting change. To help people embrace the idea that one small action can spark the actions of others and spread like a flock of birds over the sky.

We are here to support one another in our journeys towards greater Eco-Consciousness and Action. We understand that if we are to continue to thrive in this world big change, stemming from small actions, has to take place. And we recognize it will be because of unity that we can succeed.

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Unified by love for the Earth and all the beings that inhabit it.