A New Dance


Meet Maegan

Dancer, Designer & Fair Trade Fashionista

I first met Maegan while she was working at Liberation Threads, in downtown Durham. She is bright and eager so when I learned she was also a graphic designer, I knew we had to be friends. Maegan has been a model (both fashion and role model!), partnered with us for creative collaborations (see the Slow Fashion Capsule // Eco Style Pop Up) and has been a regular contributor to the good energies we are infusing into The Durham Originals. 

Modeling for the Slow Fashion Capsule in   Maven Women.

Modeling for the Slow Fashion Capsule in Maven Women.

What brought you to Durham and what keeps you coming back?

I first discovered Durham when I attended ADF for a summer while I was in college. From that point on, I kept finding myself called back to the Bull City. The creative energy is so contagious. For that reason, I love working in the heart of downtown because I feel connected to a greater community.  As a result, it’s the people that make Durham so special for me. I have met so many amazing individuals that have inspired me in so many ways. Most notable are the lady entrepreneurs that are kicking ass and saving the planet have really challenged me to fully embody my ideals. I am so thankful for these mentors and role models - these women are truly paving the way for a greater future!


What have you learned while working at Liberation Threads?

I found Rebecca and Liberation Threads at a time when I wasn’t sure exactly what I wanted to do. I couldn’t be more thankful for the time I have gotten to spend immersed in the world of ethical fashion. I've learned so much about the clothing industry and that things need to change. I no longer shop at big box stores and the idea of going to the mall makes me want to throw something - ha! It is really important for me to know where my clothes come from and that is why I think Liberation Threads and other ethically sourced stores and makers are so vital to our community. By purchasing fair trade we are empowering women around the world. These women are now able to be primary earners for their family and are no longer bound by the decisions of their husbands or are susceptible to falling victim to human trafficking. I am truly honored to be a part of this beautiful mission to empower both shopper and artisan.

What are your goals as an aspiring designer?

My goal is to continue learning from experience. I am starting to take the steps to really find my style and voice in this industry. I am excited to see where this takes me!


What would you like to tell people about having dance in your life?

My relationship with dance has been constantly evolving since my parents enrolled me in “kinderdance” at the age of 2. At this point dance for me dance has really taken the form of therapy. For that reason I started taking classes simply for the fun of it - most recently I enrolled in a hip hop class at Ninth Street Dance. While it definitely pushes me outside of my comfort zone, I always leave this class with a smile on my face. I firmly believe that everyone can and should dance. I think our world might be a bit brighter if we prioritized getting out of our head and just grooving to some good music!


Life, Joy, & Inspiration


Meet Megan.

Occupation: owner, The Zen Succulent

Expertise: Woman Boss Extraordinaire

We love her passion for green and her vision for the future as a woman entrepreneur in the heart of Downtown Durham. An Instagram, television, and Durham star, Megan is down to earth and simply wonderful to be around -- being around her is proof that connecting with plants is good for the spirit. She shines!

Megan in her element. Images by Johnna Padgett. 

Megan in her element. Images by Johnna Padgett. 

When asked what Durham means to her: 

I am so proud to be a part of the Durham community and be able to contribute to our creative class, full of heritage and led by makers and small businesses! 

Born and raised just a short drive away in Raleigh, I remember admiring the downtown buildings, then boarded up, just waiting to be rediscovered and walking down Black Wall Street on Parrish. It's a dream to have our storefront in that very city, on that very block, adding to Durham's history while honoring my own legacy of entrepreneurship and black business ownership. 

What does being a young woman entrepreneur mean to you?

We are the future and hold so much buying power, but we are rare as young women entrepreneurs. So with that rarity, there is opportunity to build your skills and explore creatively to carve your own niche, safely, with your fellow women entrepreneurs. Then break out! Being a young woman entrepreneur means opportunity.

Megan in her shop.

Megan in her shop.

What would you like to see in the future for the Durham community?

Durham has had a strong foundation of entrepreneurship since the beginning, and we are continuing to build on that as small business owners. I would love to see outreach in Durham high schools to teach students that after their studies, entrepreneurship is a possibility and seeing Durham create another generation of small business owners!

Visit Megan's shop online at The Zen Succulent / Downtown Durham / or The Mothership.