Eco-Life Challenge 2019 Summary: 12 days, 10 Challenges!

Thank you all for making The Eco-Life Challenge 2019 such a great success!

We had a total of 141 participants: our Day 1 Challenge, Clean Up the Neighborhood, removed around 75 lbs of litter pollution. Our Day 7 Challenge, Planet Based Living, saved ~ 33,000 gallons of water, 900 sq. ft of forest, and 30 animal lives (

Experience the 12 Challenges through the eyes of our participants. We had so much fun!


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Day 10 of Eco-Life Challenge 2019: Plant Food (or just something green) !

There is nothing more rewarding then getting to taste the fruits of your labor -- literally! Rosemary thrives in NC and doubles as food for pollinators and a natural mosquito repellant. Tomatoes, sweet potatoes and basil are good starters and do well in NC summers. Kale, lettuce and other greens are great crops for colder seasons.

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