Natural Deodorant!

If you're anything like me, you've been desperately seeking deodorant. I have spent years oscillating between the terribly toxic over-the-counter stuff filled with aluminum, and the ernest but historically much less effective natural stuff.

I stay pretty active recreationally and professionally, and while the natural alternatives work well for some, they just don't stand up against hot yoga and the occasional 12 hour shift waiting tables, so I find myself left with two options: use a toxic product that might endanger my health, or sweat and smell...a lot.

I've had some success with making my own deodorant, but if you know me at all, you know I'm an improviser in the kitchen, and recipes are just too much of a science for my 'a little of this, a little of that' attitude -- while a batch or two has worked well, the not-so-successful ones have left me scratching my head and, well, not smelling great. 

FINALLY, I found something that (so far) works consistently without re-application throughout the day. Schmidt's natural deodorant in the pot. I like it because although it has baking soda, which some people can be sensitive to, it has a balanced amount of shea butter, which softens the texture and moisturizes the sensitive skin under your arms. 

I have been testing the Bergamot + Lime all week. Monday was a calm, normal day with little activity, and the deodorant held up. Would it, I wondered, do the same on Tuesday?

Tuesday I had an interview in Greensboro that lasted FIVE HOURS! I'm a terrible test taker and an anxious interviewer, so I was even worried about its performance through the hour drive and what I thought might be an hour long conversation, but even at the end of the long nerve-wracking day, I couldn't smell myself! 

The thing that really convinced me, though, took place yesterday on New Year's Eve. I applied once at the beginning of what was to be slated an incredibly busy twelve hour shift at the restaurant where I work and, Y'ALL, I cannot believe how fresh I felt at the end of the day.

Now, real talk: I did sweat some, but that's to be expected from any product that doesn't contain harmful aluminum and petroleum-based products. Why? Because it's those ingredients that coat the skin blocking respiration and, therefor, perspiration. A little sweat is good, though. It's healthy. It means your body is doing its job. The trick is to sweat a little without smelling crazy. At the end of the day yesterday, around midnight (Happy New Year!) when I really searched for it, I could detect myself, a little, but nobody else could. 

This deodorant definitely gets a thumbs-up from me, and the best part is, they have small tester-size pots available so you can try a few different scents. Different scents work better with different body chemistries, but if you've got the funky funk, try the Bergamot + Lime first!

In addition to being a great product, the company is pretty progressive, too. Check out their Recycling Club. I love it when a product works, but when it does good works too, that's a huge plus.

If you want to try making your own first, there are a variety of great recipes available at Wellness Mama, which tend to work REALLY WELL for the average sweater (no pun intended). If you're feeling crafty, gather some friends and share a test batch! Pro tip: the batch I made with the shea butter felt more like lotion and was less effective, so I'd recommend only using a little, or scrapping it altogether. If you're sensitive to baking soda, try replacing that with more arrowroot powder.

If you want to find this little gem locally, check out Indio in Durham where you'll find Schmidt's, lots of other deodorant and personal care products, and some great gift items too!

Freshly yours,