Natural Inspiration



Today, there’s no sunshine. It’s a grey, foggy morning with a feeling of mystery. A perfect day for a hike.

What a wonder about nature:

There can be rain;

There can be cold;


As I make my way through the forest, I notice the red leaves carpeting the ground beneath. The tree limbs are bare, and radiant moss scatters the landscape. It's a  beautiful day to reflect.


Another thing I love about being in the forest is the meditation it brings. The mind can be free. No music, no radio. Just my thoughts. I can think of so many ideas or nothing at all. When my mind wanders free like my legs I feel more alive than before. Today, I thought about life before highways.

I thought of a lifetime in which reverence is paid to the land that nurtures, not destroyed. I thought of a time when animals and people live wildly and harmoniously. I can imagine it, and it is a beautiful world to wonder.


Going through my photographs remind me of how perfectly composed nature is. There is balance, perspective, rich color, and luscious texture. Even more than just the visual aesthetics, all of the Earth's systems are woven together with purpose, relying on one another to continue it's life cycles.

So the question in my mind persists: why then, if our natural world has created something so harmoniously perfect for the human condition, do we insist on trying to control it? How can we, such intelligent beings, think that we can strip our planet of her resources without returning them, with no consequence? How is it that we have continued to let our society put the sake of itself over the wellbeing of the entire human race and our one and only, perfectly designed planet?

I think somewhere along the line, we forgot that we are organisms too. Along with the seas, the forest, the mountains and wind. We have forgotten that we are not man, a separate thing from it -- we, in fact, are nature.

We have amazing capabilities and powers as human beings. Our brains are smart and inventive, and we have taught ourselves how to manipulate things and our environment. So the time now is to evolve. The animals, the plants, and WE, are relying on our ourselves to do so, so that we may all continue to thrive.

My challenge is to see myself in a different way. See myself as a part of a system that serves a function. What can an individual do to make it a more beautiful and kinder place?