Sustainability in the Triangle

In 1991, when I was four years old, I remember watching my first 'water waster' cartoon on PBS and wanting to do anything I could to make sure I wasn't a part of the problem. In 2006, Al Gore came out with An Inconvenient Truth, and forced people to think about the condition of our planet. Unfortunately, too many people felt inconvenienced by the efforts it requires to make initial lifestyle changes, that the book and its truths have been pushed to the back shelf with all the rest.

I don't know about you, but we're tired. It's 2016 and nothing has changed. Things are business as usual --  people buying bottled water rather than drinking from reusable containers, throwing trash out of their car windows, and leaving the faucet on while brushing their teeth. Why aren't we making small changes in our daily lives? Why aren't we scared NOT to?

Not to be all end-of-the-world on you, but it's thoughts like this that brought Daria and me together to work on this project, and we're excited about taking some next steps with the project. 

We've signed up to attend the January 21 Careers in Sustainability series, which only costs $5, and the February 5 Triangle Weekend -- Social Impact summit which is a little more costly -- $99 -- but offers 54 hours of "...superior experiential education for technical and non-technical entrepreneurs. Triangle Startup Weekend-Social Impact is for social entrepreneurs that want to change the world with next business or nonprofit."

If you're at all interested in connecting with people who want to learn how to do things differently, you might want to check these out. The NC B Corps Newsletter is a great resource, so make sure to sign up for that if you haven't already. 

Check out a video about Triangle Weekend HERE

Can't make it? Stay tuned for the highlights! We'll post them here on the blog :)


Sustainably yours,