Bare Feet, Bare Floors

I discovered the 'e-cloth' brand while shopping at Twig Living, in Chapel Hill, and practically ripped it off the display. I was that excited. Several employees stopped to tell me how the e-cloth mop had changed their cleaning game completely. I was sold.

I don't know about your floors, but the ones at my house have always felt sticky after cleaning them --  like I could never rinse away all of the residual cleaning products off of the floor. And my dog's fur? That has always taken the most genuine effort to collect, and requires serious hand-and-knees work.

I've never been so eager to test a cleaning product before, and went straight home to check it out. 

The results are in:

Now that I've found the e-cloth Mop, cleaning and sanitizing my floor has a permanent place in my heart. Complete floor cleaning -- from debris pick up to sanitation -- in one movement. I love walking through the house barefoot and feeling nothing in between the clean hard floors and skin of my feet. There's nothing like having the confidence of a bacteria free surface.

And the best part about it? Well, there's actually two: it's the most environmentally friendly ( + least wasteful!) process I've encountered and it's super economical. No additional cleaners to buy, no harsh chemicals washed into our drinking water, no batteries or electricity used, and a mop head that can be reused over and over. 

Here are the specs:


Here's how it works:

Water molecules are electrically unbalanced which attracts them to particles, grime and bacteria. The millions of fibers in the e-cloth mop lift and draw in water coated particles. Once the mop head is full simply rinse out with hot water. (You will be amazed at how much dirt it can hold and pick up!) When you're done using it, throw it in the washing machine -- you can do this up to 300 times per cloth.

So, now that I'm totally in love with the product, I'm want to buy the whole suite of cleaning cloths. They have products optimized for the car, bathroom, pets, windows, electronics, eyeglasses, and more!

To buy locally, pick up your e-cloth products (and other fabulous sustainable living solutions!) at Twig Living on South Elliott Road in Chapel Hill. 

Barefoot and Happy,