Eco Fashion Tips for Fall!


Because Fast Fashion is so ingrained in our culture, it's easy to make purchases that support things we in fact disagree with; re: pollution & modern day slavery (to mention just a few...). So to help you save money & discern differently, The Durham Originals have assembled 5 quick tips that will help you avoid contributing your dollars to something that makes no cents. 


1. Shop second hand first

I always find gems at consignment and thrift stores -- save money and don’t contribute to the fast fashion demand! Follow TheBlockVintage and DurhamFashion for Durham found consignment and thrift pieces.


Photos by Caroline Cockrell in Collaboration with Block Vintage

2. Research

When shopping for new items it's important to know who is making your clothes and what the materials consist of. We love shopping at Durham's premier fair trade boutique, Liberation Threads and here’s a great guide to choosing animal friendly materials from Bead and Reel. Look to Project Just to look up sustainability reports for specific brands.

3. Buy organic

And avoid synthetic. Everything we wash in the water enters our water ecosystem, be careful what you put it. The Durham Originals has plenty to pick from!

100% Organic, American Grown Cotton, Made in USA

4. Throw a party!

One of my personal favorites -- have a trunk party with your friends and trade clothes that you’re tired of! Connect with friends, share libations, and play!

5. Laundry Tip:

3x’s Your Out. Spot clean your clothes 2 or 3 times before putting it in the laundry (especially synthetics). Saves water and helps your clothes last longer. For more tips on being an efficient washer, see our Laundry Done Right blog post. 

Happy Hunting!