Your Guide for Gifts Aligned


We pulled together simple gifts and ideas that do no harm to the planet and bring eco-consciousness to the holidays and beyond — ENJOY!

Give Zero Waste:

Replace your loved ones kitchen and bath plastics for the holidays. I scooped up Davids toothpaste (finally!), a bamboo toothbrush, and Fillaree Body Butter for myself.


Between my mom and I, we are totally transforming our kitchen to a better, more ocean friendly version of itself. We’re buying more items from the bulk section, have now replaced my dad’s plastic dish scrubber with a bamboo, compostable version and are already on the refill train with Fillaree refillable soaps!

The Durham Originals is proud to create accessories that reduce landfill waste and help you stay on eco-track. Fabric food bags are perfect for produce, bread, nuts and seeds, snacks, sandwiches, food storage, and so much more. Utensil kits take the hesitation out of “No thanks” when offered single use plastics — (and now are just $15 each when you buy more than one!). All handmade, all uniquely different. 

Another approach? Pick up a subscription for your family for the year and get takeout without the trash guilt. GreenToGo is easier than ever to use with its newly launched app, and is now at almost 30 restaurants, so your fav is likely to be on the list!

Create your own wrapping paper!

There’s no reason to waste just because it’s the holidays — Use fabric bags (hey, we’ve got some of those too!) or rectangular pieces of fabric to wrap gifts. I love cutting old paper grocery bags and painting them or decorating them with holly or rosemary. Conventional wrapping paper is single use and totally toxic — so save your dollars, make no waste and create a gift from the heart. 

Make it!

Give baked goods, homemade bath scrubs, or put together a succulent creation with a loved reuse item. Make a tradition of baking — I’m 100% making this vegan pumpkin pie (made with full fat coconut milk - yummmm….) for the family over Christmas.



For the person who needs nothing, give in honor of their name. A few of my favorite Durham nonprofits? Don’t Waste Durham, Keep Durham Beautiful and LiveGlobally

Give Experiences

Yoga, a trip to the museum with lunch, a walk on the Eno, a massage or pottery class. Focusing your energy on spending quality time with those around you will give far longer lasting effects than anything you can buy. So make memories and build relationships — those are the most important gifts anyway <3

Happy, waste free holidays from The Durham Originals!

Daria DrakeDrak Haus, Inc.