Outside the Wrapping Paper


Tighten up your eco holiday smarts and make it less wasteful than the holiday before. Here are 6 fun ideas to reduce demand on resources, give from the heart, and keep the focus on what’s really important <3


Give Experiences!

Dinner, a show, a day hiking along the Eno, yoga or a massage.  Bring a homemade card to share along the way and create memories and photographs, not demand for more stuff. 

Give Reuse!

You'll be thought of again and again, long after the holidays, when you give the gift of reuse. Give handy, everyday items that replace disposables and help your loved ones reduce the amount of trash they create. We like water bottles, coffee mugs, totes, napkins, and of course, our produce bags and cutlery holder sets (now available online and at Fillaree!).

1500 Giveaway.jpg

Invent Your Own Wrapping Paper!

Use wrapping paper alternatives such as grocery bags, comics, fabric and twin, homemade reuse pom-poms, an old poster or map, or even foraged foliage! Conventional wrapping paper is expensive and toxic -- so save money, eliminate waste and get creative with the way you gift gifts.

Gift Wrap.jpg
Gift box collaboration by  Hana Lee .

Gift box collaboration by Hana Lee.


 -- This is not just some opportunity to clean out your closet. This is a chance to give a meaningful part of yourself. Go this route if you know the recipient will cherish the memento. Consider heirlooms, pottery, plants, jewelry, journals.

Make Your Own.jpg

Make it!

Give baked goods, homemade bath scrubs, or put together a terrarium or reuse flower vase. Pinterest is a great place for no waste ideas. Here's what I did last year -- mason jars and amaryllis, beautiful and simple!

Amaryllis 3.jpg


For the person who has everything, giving to local initiatives is a beautiful way to show how much you care.

The holidays are stressful enough. Focusing your energy on experiencing life with your family and friends will create lasting memories and have a positive impact all around. What are you excited to share this season? Comment below!

Happy, waste free holidays from The Durham Originals!

Daria Drake