Day 4 of Eco-Life Challenge 2019: Shop Local Food


The way we spend our money is a direct reflection of our economy -- your dollar is your vote! So when it comes to buying food why not spend local? Our regional farmers have invested interest in doing good -- paying workers fairly, treating the earth well and delivering healthy, delicious food. Let’s choose local to close the loop, uphold our values and support a sustainable agricultural system.

Together, we can shift demand from a diet of carbon and pesticide heavy imports to one of seasonal, locally grown produce. We are so fortunate to have beautiful farmland surrounding Durham and the greater Triangle area, and luckier still to have The Durham Farmers Market to connect us with this nourishing food. We hold so much power as a collective, and to choose to spend according to our values is a huge privilege to have. It’s one of the best ways to support our community, global workers rights and the planet.


Recommended Action:

Bring your bags and shop The Durham Farmers Market, The Durham Co-Op or Bulldega, and look for locally grown produce and made goods. You can find a wide variety of them at all three shopping locations. Extra points for no plastic :)

You could also choose to join a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture), such as Anathoth, or another food box subscription service that diverts food from going to the landfill, such as Ungraded Produce. Not only will you be supporting local economy and helping divert food waste, but you’ll have the added convenience of home delivery!


Benefits of Shopping Local

  • Promotes our local economy and sustainable agriculture.

  • Save money buying unpackaged and unprocessed food.

  • Get healthy.

  • Ensure you are supporting farmworkers rights around the world.

  • Good for the environment with a significantly reduced transportation footprint and pesticide use.