Day 5 of Eco-Life Challenge 2019: Get Outside


This world is a beautiful miracle. So many things had to unfold and transpire for us to end up right here in this moment, on this ball of spinning light. There is so much beauty in each of nature's creations and so much complexity in each organism… if only we make the time to look.

By connecting with and experiencing the planet’s beauty, we can see more clearly how we are one organism, and understand from a deeper place of knowing why it’s so important to protect it.


Recommended Action

Surround yourself with trees by taking a stroll on the Eno, a Triangle Land Conservancy preserve, or another park convenient to you. Leave the earbuds at home and maybe make the intention of having some quiet time and taking a moment to notice — what are the colors of the Earth? What kinds of trees do I see, and bird’s songs do I hear? Sit and watch the water…maybe write down your stream of consciousness or create a short poem. 



  • Increase daily vitamin D

  • Mood booster

  • Get exercise

  • Lower blood pressure

  • Increased creativity and new idea formations.

  • Improved concentration.