Day 7 of Eco-Life Challenge 2019: Planet based Living


For just one day, live a life off of plants -- ditch the meat and dairy and choose a little creativity and compassion in your kitchen! By leaving animals off our plates, we can collectively steer the American diet away from being the number one driver of deforestation, the top water pollutant and cause of ocean dead zones, and move it towards one of health and a thriving Earth.

The water footprint of what we eat is hidden, so to put it in perspective, a plant based diet can save up to ~ *600 gallons of water per day! If you want to take a closer look at animal agriculture impact, have a look at this post I wrote last year.

Of course, food is personal — and people have traditions, culture and families in the mix, I get that. But consider these other things that you love…swimming in the ocean, forests, clean air to breathe and fresh water to drink. So the time is now to ask ourselves, “What am I willing to do or give up for the future of the planet?”


Delicious meal from one of my fav v+ friendly restaurants, Guglhupf.


Recommended Action

Even just one plant based meal per day makes a difference! Get together with some friends, invite some family over or plan a meal with your house mates and serve up a 100% plant based meal. Skip butter and replace with coconut, olive or another vegetable oil, make beans instead of burgers, and look for seasonal nutritious plants to replace what you skip.

Cooking bulk meals to last for a handful of days really makes it a cinch for me to always have a nourishing and delicious meal to eat -- a little extra planning goes a long way! And in this day and age, you literally can get anything plant based. Pizza, burgers and all the cheeses… let me know if you need any recommendations!


  • Save money — fruits, vegetables and unprocessed foods are significantly less per pound than meat and dairy

  • Improved health (reduced risk of diabetes, heart attack, cancer, high blood pressure, weight loss)

  • Vibrant skin, hair and nails

  • Fiber rich diet keeps your engine running smoothly, if you know what I mean ;)

  • Increased energy

  • Increased clarity and focus

  • Practice compassion towards all living beings


*(I took the water footprint of .25 pound serving of the lowest and highest water consumers, chicken and beef, and added them together. This number does not include the impact of dairy or eggs or any other food products one might consume in a day).