Find your Eco-Wonder


Why care?

While caring about the environment to some seems inherent, as our culture moves ‘forward’, less and less time is spent enjoying and appreciating the natural world around us. With still enough green space to be able to take it for granted, yet not enough of it to constantly be plugging into it, it’s no wonder there is a disconnect between humans and environment. This disconnect can create the illusion that we humans are not a part of nature, that we are some other being totally independent from the Earth.

It must be realized that we are nature.

That is real. We live and breathe the same air and drink the same water. We are one unified, beautiful, beating organism. What’s good for Earth is good for us. Just like nature, so many miraculous things had to manifest and unfold for us to become part of this infinite Earth.


Look at a tree. A flower. A friend. How is it that we got to turn into these amazing creatures full of complexity, light & intelligence? There it is, all the magic of the world, standing right there in front of you. Real, present, now.


There is a reminder when we plug in, and an awareness and knowing around what is at stake right now — precious trees being removed for human activity and plastics polluting water systems +literally+ choking and poisoning the planet. It’s so important to know what can and will go away if we don’t act now.

How To Connect:

Go to nature and be in it. Don’t just go — go and be

Without a headset or distractions. Erase your mental list. 

Allow yourself to completely be absorbed by the canopy around you, 

Noticing the colors, sounds and other beings that you encounter.

The flowers. The stones. The sound of the breeze.

The complexity of a bird’s song.

Breathe full breathes. Notice feeling on the ground.

Enjoy the chance to reset. To be still. To process the unprocessed. 

To allow the answers to arrive. Nature is calling. Go be with it. 

(Take 5 minutes and write down whatever stream of conscious flows through you, either during or after, and take the time to notice how you feel.) 

Sometimes it may seem hard to find time or be inconvenient to be outside in our true element. And, as nature would have it, it’s during those times it’s most important that we do. I’ve found that it pays me back 3 fold, with mental clarity, ideas and way less stress. It allows me to be more thoughtful + reflective of the world. It reminds me how my actions influence what’s right in front of me.

Enjoying nature is for everyone - it’s free, accessible and points us in the right direction of a life aligned with the nature we love. And with attention and care, all can thrive.