Primp! at light: art + Design

PRIMP -- different things come to mind for different people who hear this word. The first time Ryan-Ashley heard it was when it came from her grandmother's mouth in response to how long her 12 year old self was spending in front of the bathroom mirror before piling in the car with her to go to the grocery store.


And she'd never heard a word sound so good.

Primp feels synonymous with prepassembleready, and prime, and those words are so linked to the artist's process. It's the time before the painting even begins, when the canvas is being gessoed; it's the searching for objects you don't even know you need yet and don't have a plan for; it's the doing and undoing and doing again until you land on an idea you really love.

Not unlike the application or removal of makeup; the switching between suspenders and a belt; the rearranging of a room.

PRIMP is a Pop up Shop collaboration between two makers of like minds but different mediums, both creating goods that adorn, complement, and complete. Brooke Heuts of Grey Goods Studio and Ryan-Ashley Anderson of Smart & Becker Creative, and it will only be up for one day -- Saturday, February 4 from 12 - 5p, at LIGHT: Art + Design in Chapel Hill.

Brooke Heuts, is an artist and surface designer who creates hand designed textiles and goods for the home that are rooted in the creative process - where the hand of the artist is at the heart of her modern yet approachable aesthetic. 

A printed pillow on a couch; a remembered tuft of cotton batting, preserved on a canvas for the wall; a one of a kind pillow, with thousands of electric toned stitches over a hand-dyed silk collage.

Heuts has been working with textiles as a fiber artist/surface designer for almost 20 years and with Grey Goods Studio she utilizes traditional and non-traditional screen-printing techniques, dye, paint, and collage to fill spaces with pattern, texture, and creativity.

Ryan-Ashley is primarily a jewelry designer, and the core ethos for her jewelry collection is to create beautiful, wearable, functional, long-lasting accessories that are made with sustainability in mind. Currently, most of her work incorporates off-loom hand-stitched beadwork, mixed media textiles, found objects and re-imagined materials, and minimalist geometric shapes and patterns.

A piece of driftwood found in a ghost town; semi-precious stones carried back from France; subtle shades and tones.

Smart & Becker is the umbrella for all of Ryan Ashley Anderson’s creative pursuits, including the aforementioned jewelry collection, DIY workshops and instruction, and various artist collaborations.

Join these two at LIGHT: Art + Design -- LIGHT: Art + Design is a gallery located in the Greenbridge building in the heart of downtown Chapel Hill that promotes the work of contemporary artists and the awareness of innovative, sustainable design.