3 Things You Can Do to Save the planet


Looking to change your ways and give Mother Earth a fighting chance?  Well, you've come to right place -- we've compiled a short (and sweet!) list of 3 of the most impactful things you can start doing NOW to live lighter and keep your pockets heavy:



Americans use 100 million plastic bags per year, requiring 12 million barrels of oil to manufacture - that’s a lot of plastic from single use bags alone! 80% of all marine debris (remember the sweet sea turtle with a straw up his nose?) actually comes from LAND (as opposed to derelict fishing gear/dumping) and another recent study shows that plastics in the ocean will outweigh fish pound for pound in 2050. This may seem daunting, but...

...It’s actually quite easy to help reduce the demand for single use plastics! Start planning your day in a more mindful way and pack your bag the reusable way:



Fast Fashion is considered the second greatest polluting industry in the world. By avoiding it, we are addressing issues ranging from landfill waste, harmful chemicals entering (OUR!) delicate water systems, and human labor rights (we’re talking child + slave labor + unsafe working conditions) - whew!

Think that’s a heavy toll just to dress a human? We think so too - so to steer yourself towards Slow Fashion, start your next textile search by looking for:

  • organic, USA and fair trade made
  • shop consignment and secondhand first
  • choose versatile, high quality pieces that can be worn over and over again!
  • check Project JUST to see just how your favorite brands stack up to the test

You’ll save money, time, and feel SO GOOD knowing you’re not contributing to the dirty business of fast fashion.

Further fast fashion reading.



Be a part of the growing trend and reduce the number of people contributing to one of the top greenhouse gas emitting industries. Go vegan to eliminate animal suffering from your diet and reap the benefits of plant based dining.

But wait, that's not all! If we do this together we can curb deforestation, methane emissions and water pollution. All that toxic waste goes right into OUR environment (YES! we are one living organism) and guess what? It's time to clean up, ya'll! Our creeks and oceans are really, really ready.

All of these things addressed are culture shifts that indeed take time. But with increased awareness and a little creativity, we think you'll find that these changes are smart, totally doable, and feel so good. So great work. You've already taken the first step. 

Peace and Love,