Summer Glow


Stay cool this summer and align your look with your view

-- here are five conversation starters I’ll be sporting through August and beyond :


Never bat an eyelash at plastic utensils again - reusable utensils + food bags are an easy everyday adoption to start moving away from our throw away culture. Need more? Pair them with a reusable water bottle and coffee mug to really feel the positive vibrations!

46,000 pieces of plastic trash float in every square mile of ocean -- do your part and learn more from our friends at Plastic Ocean Project, so you can then tell YOUR friends!

Carry produce, sandwiches, nuts and seeds in our handy-dandy Food Bag Sets!

Carry produce, sandwiches, nuts and seeds in our handy-dandy Food Bag Sets!



GreenToGo is on the rise...


and the chances of your favorite restaurants being on the list is getting higher by the minute! I love chomping on The Bagel Bar (Everything Bagel with Sama Spread) in GreenToGo, and to date have saved over 23 single use boxes from the landfill (hooray!). 

Durham’s original takeout container service has been featured locally and (inter)nationally in WRAL TechWire and Treehugger - Get in on the action with $5 off your GreenToGo subscription, use code DRMOGS - (now through Monday Aug. 6, 2018 - we need YOU to make these cultural shifts a reality!).



Sedette Sandals for all Occasions 


I didn’t have to search too far and wide to find these beautiful, vegan and versatile sandals - they were created right next door in Raleigh and reached me just in time to enjoy Spring, Summer and Fall this year! These wooden clogs are ultra comfy and go with (seriously -) everything.

A Dress For All Seasons


Fair trade, flattering, and 100% organic cotton, I’m honored to welcome this pretty sapphire colored dress into my closet -- transforming my wardrobe into one that values people and planet has never been easier when companies with values like these exist. And with the reduction of the number of items I want in my closet, this fits in perfectly as a timeless, forever piece. 

My New (Used) Bike will most likely be in tow.

The intention to bike commute is well over a year old, but until the recent death of my 2000 Honda Accord and acquisition of this sweet little road bike (thank you, Tara!), it hasn't been in earnest until this moment. And with Durham becoming more bike friendly every day, I'm excited to be pedaling on this bandwagon... Welcome to the family, Silver Bullet 2.0.


There are lots of creative ways to wear on the outside what you value on the inside...

and more often than not, beautiful connections, conversations and new understandings emerge from that authentic space.

Eco-friendliness is a journey that requires consciousness, mindfulness and a willingness to take one-step-at-a-time. Know that you don't have to be perfect or zero waste or whatever -- we all just need to try! YOU have the potential to find your groove, inspire your friends and G L O W in this world.

What new practice will you try to adopt the rest of this summer?

Peace + Planetary Love,



Have an idea? Notice something is missing? You are always invited to reach out to me with ideas and suggestions to live that good, good life. Email me at daria (at)

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