Your journey to a life aligned begins here.

The idea of being ‘eco-conscious’ might at times seem overwhelming. Navigating between the ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ way to do things, confusing labels & terminology, conflicting information and opinions, and trying to figure out if you really are making a difference.

Well, we’ve been there too.

— and that’s exactly why we started The Durham Originals. Our philosophy is that doing good shouldn’t be so hard, and that by just taking the first step, we already are on the way to the Eco-Life! Even if we only start with one thing, we are already shifting our perspective of daily living and creating positive impact. Ready for your best life?


Do Good.

volunteer with one of durham’s eco loving non-profits:


Don't Waste Durham

works to reduce the amount of consumer waste produced by our community through 3 main initiatives. Learn why here.


Keep Durham Beautiful

engages with the community to, well, Keep Durham Beautiful! Our three main initiatives are litter prevention, recycling and waste reduction, and community greening.  Volunteer with us today.



is Durham's premier reusable and returnable takeout container service. Did you know downtown Durham alone distributes 10,000 takeout containers per month? Join the takeout revolution with GTG