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Your Eco-Life Guide

The Durham Originals was created to inspire and journey with those who care about the planet and want to do more for it. Together, we can support one another in integrating eco-consciousness into every day — because when we live a life aligned, it benefits us and the planet.


a beacon for the eco-life.

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Our favorite posts to help you find your Eco-Wonder and discover what you can integrate into your daily routine.


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Eco-Supplies for Modern Life

Stay on Eco-Life Track and leave the house prepared with the things you need to say “No, thank you,” to the temptation of single use plastics during your day…


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We are here to support one another in practicing our own unique versions of The Eco-Life. Big change can come from small actions. We know it can be hard to do all the things, but together we can be successful in taking one step at a time…